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About Us

EVVO Media

We are a solid group of tech geniuses who work diligently to provide the ideal solutions to boost your company's productivity, through our breakthrough innovative web and video technology. We understand that everyone is different and we design holistic solutions catered to your individual needs.

In 2007, three astute and dynamic individuals, who believed that all great ideas deserved a chance to flourish, recognised that many lacked the technical backing. And so, EVVO Media was born, to bridge the gap between a great idea and its technical execution.

Our Vision
To aid any company that puts their trust in us, in making their brand go global with the power of quick and secure video streaming technology and premium integrated web solutions.

Our Mission
To constantly innovate and discover new avenues to enhance existing technological practices that will propel us to the forefront of international market trends, making us the go to technical solution providers.

Our Values
Passionate about our work and dedicated to execute each and every project creatively, we aim to deliver top notch satisfaction to all our customers. We strive to be highly approachable and work with utmost integrity. Our team believes that every problem is unique and will give each one, its due attention to create an EVVO experience to last you a long time.

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