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EVVO Cloud Shield

Our state-of-the-art cloud and content protection service covers an array of potential attacks on your data: by utilizing hybrid routing or 'cloaking' to prevent direct attacks, utilizing secondary Doman Name Services to draw away attacks on your primary DNS and using encrypted zone transfers to avoid cache or DNS poisoning.

EVVO Site Accelerator

EVVO site accelerator exponentially improves the performance abilities of your assets, putting you one step ahead of competition by providing optimum efficiency on your webpage. Essentially, it provides a fast, highly reliable and secure methods to deliver information over the Internet to a global user base, while drastically improving performance.

EVVO Channel

Bring your content to your intended audience - with our highly customisable video hosting and streaming platform. Compliant with all browser viewing, with adaptive bitrate streaming and protected by EVVO Cloud Shield, EVVO Channel is fast and secure to ensure hours of video viewing pleasure.

EVVO Live Streaming Solutions

Limitless bandwidth designed for maximum flexibility and scalability; enjoy instant playback with no delays and zero lag time. Facilitated by a team with immense events management experience, and supported by our live streaming solutions service, we provide efficient, reliable audio/visuals and venue support.

EVVO Class

We bring your lessons to life - presenting immersive teacher-student interaction right here, right now via express live streaming. Supported by our highly advanced Live Streaming Solutions and EVVO Channel services, EVVO class brings training and education to the cutting edge.

EVVO Revolve

Our offsite or remote transcoding service minimizes waiting time when transcoding and delivering multiple large files - giving your business a strong edge in today's data-heavy, fast-moving business world. By using a remote machine to transcode these files, EVVO Revolve eliminates the issue of time out, while ensuring the utmost security in transcoding and delivery.