Product Description

Azuora provides an integrated cloud-based Inventory & Accounting Management Software to help wholesalers and retailers grow efficiently

Key Features

Financial Management

Inventory Management

Orders & Fulfilment

Integrated CRM


A powerful all-in-one integrated platform for retailers and wholesalers, Azuora automates the back office for purchase, order, inventory, financial, multiware house & more

Truly understand your customers

by having all the information you need in one single system.

Keep track of your products

as you sell and restock across multiple warehouse.

Manage orders from multiple sales channels

with inventory and accounting to boost business efficiency

Who can
use Azuora?

ERP capabilities, without the pain of ERP implementation, any whole saler / retailer, who needs Full ERP implementation in less than a third of the time.

Is for

  • Wholesaler
  • Distribution
  • Retailers
  • MultiChannel
  • Ecommerce
  • Any SMEs without ERP