Product Description

Evvo360⁰ is a Purpose-built SIEM for fast correlation and query of Threats with Flexible CloudSOC or managed SOC as deployment options

Key Features

Timely detection

Rapid Response

Flexible Deployments

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Quick to deploy, our Evvo360⁰ keeps on getting cloud updated to the latest versions keeping your company's IT systems safe from the ever changing world of Cyber attacks and helps monitoring

Network security visibility

for continuous monitoring

Compliance & Risk Management

for statutory obligations

Efficient incident management

to keep-up IT Operational Excellence

Who can
use Evvo360⁰

Any organisation with an internal need for cybersecurity monitoring & 24/7 treat assessment & reporting

Is for

  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Fintech Agencies
  • Govt Organisations
  • Customer data oriented companies
  • Hospitality Industries
  • Companies dependant on their own private cloud
  • Social Companies